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Introduction: Encrypted Messages commonly take the form of SMSĀ­-length communications between users. Transmission of encrypted data messages up to 160 bytes in length from any account to any other account as a single message. Encrypted messages can also be attached to many transactions like token transfer, asset transfer, currency transfer. Encrypted messages are permanently stored into the blockchain and limited in size to prevent blockchain bloat.

Encrypted messages require a dynamic fee, based on its size and should be used for important and immutable messages. The encryption algo is AES. The upcoming, community-based messenger service allows up to 1.000 bytes and last 1.000 messages without a service fee. Messages can also be used to trigger transaction events for instance to chain payments or to invoke distributed services.

Messages menu: The Messaging System is accessed by clicking on Messages menu in the Left-pane menu area of Wallet Application, causing a submenu to appear:

Show Messages: This item displays a list of messages.

Send Message: This item opens a page to send the message.

Show Messages: Click on the Show Messages menu to open the Show Messages page.

send xin

  • The Show Messages page shows list in the order of most recently created polls.
  • The Details column shows the messages on the blockchain.
  • The Date column shows a date of a message added.
  • The Type column shows the type of the message.
  • The Sender column shows the Account Id of sender account.
  • The Prunable column shows the whether messages are prunable or not.
  • The Recipient column shows the Account Id of the recipient account.

Send Message: A Message can be sent by clicking on the Send Message menu.

send xin

  • Enter a Recipient Address (Recipient Account Id) to whom you need to send a message.
  • Select the Type of depending on the characters involved in your message.
  • Enter a Message to be sent.
  • Click on the Add recipient public key (optional) if you want to add message recipient public key.
  • Click on the Send button to send the message to the recipient.