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Start Funding Monitor

Starts a funding monitor that will transfer XIN, ASSET or CURRENCY from the funding account to a recipient account when the amount held by the recipient account drops below the threshold. The transfer will not be done until the current block height is greater than equal to the block height of the last transfer plus the interval. The funding account is identified by the secret phrase.

The recipient accounts are identified by the specified account property (see Set Account Property ). Each account that has this property set by the funding account will be monitored for changes. The property value can be omitted or it can consist of a JSON string containing one or more values in the format: {“amount”:long,”threshold”:long,”interval”:integer} . POST only.


  • requestType is startFundingMonitor
  • property is the name of the account property
  • amount is the amount to fund the recipient account with (in TQT or QNT)
  • threshold is the threshold
  • interval is the the number of blocks to wait after before funding the recipient
  • secretPhrase is the secret phrase of the funding account
  • holdingType is a string representing the holding type (optional)
  • holding is the holding ID (optional)


  • started (B) is true if the monitor has been started
  • requestProcessingTime (N) is the API request processing time (in millisec)