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Install Wallet

What is a Wallet? A Wallet app in IEP network is a program that allows the payment and transactions in the network. The data is always stored in encrypted format. The App is usually secured by PIN, fingerprint or FaceID for security purpose.

How to install wallet? Build Instructions :

Windows and Mac users please look at any one of these links: (GIYF)

Debian/Ubuntu users please follow these steps

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nodejs
sudo apt-get install npm


You need to install nodejs. For windows download it from here: After installing nodejs and setting path variables, install gulp as a global dependency.

Follow the guide here:


First-time install

  • Type ‘npm install’
  • Type ‘bower install’
  • Type ‘gulp build’

Testing local changes * Type ‘gulp server’

Testing distributed changes *Type ‘gulp server:dist’