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Managing and Scaling Subscriptions were complex. Until now. IEP offers decentralized recurring payments that users can initiate and cancel at any time. Recurring payments work well for services that require multiple payments over time or just to fund special accounts to ensure a minimum balance height. Subscriptions are built on the new enhanced transaction framework and allows users to make payments of any size and interval to other accounts. Subscriptions are an important new feature for the upcoming digital marketplace.

The Interface Coin Subscriptions is accessed by clicking on Subscriptions in the left-pane menu area of the IEP Client Interface, causing a submenu to appear:

My Subscriptions : This item displays a list of subscriptions created from logged-in account.

Create Subscription : This item opens a page to create AT.

My Subscriptions :

Click on the My Subscriptions menu to open the My Subscriptions page.

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