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Create Transaction Request

The following HTTP POST parameters are common to all API calls that create transactions:

  • secretPhrase is the secret passphrase of the account (optional, but transaction neither signed nor broadcast if omitted)
  • publicKey is the public key of the account (optional if secretPhrase provided)
  • feeTQT is the fee (in TQT) for the transaction
  • deadline is the deadline (in minutes) for the transaction to be confirmed, 32767 minutes maximum
  • referencedTransactionFullHash creates a chained transaction, meaning that the current transaction cannot be confirmed unless the referenced transaction is also confirmed (optional)
  • broadcast is set to false to prevent broadcasting the transaction to the network (optional)

Note: An optional arbitrary message can be appended to any transaction by adding message-related parameters as in Send Message.

Note: Any phasing-safe transaction  can have its execution deferred either conditionally or unconditionally