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CoinShuffle improves user privacy by frustrating attempts to link transactions to a particular user. A participant can increase their anonymity set by making it impossible to determine exactly who paid who because inputs and outputs are indistinguishable (even to other participants). Each participant knows which output they own, but cannot link the inputs and outputs of the other participant. CoinShuffle also allows the identification and elimination of malicious participants caught misbehaving.

Coin Shuffling is an effective privacy feature and it enables participants to mix their funds quickly and efficiently with other participants funds by creating a random mapping between existing participants accounts and new recipient accounts provided by the users. The shuffling algorithm is based on a paper by Tim Ruffing and was originally developed to be implemented in Bitcoin itself. CoinShuffle differs from other existing solutions like ZeroCash in terms of speed and complexity.

Shuffling Menu Coin Shuffling is accessed by clicking on Shuffling in the left-pane menu area of the IEP Client Interface, causing a submenu to appear:

Show Shufflings : This item displays all the shufflings in which the current account participates.

Create Shuffling : This item opens a pop-up entry form for creating a new shuffling as described in Create Shuffling.

Create Shuffling : * Create a new Shuffling. * Holding Type is the token used by the shuffling. XIN, Asset id or Currency name. * Amount the common amount used by all shuffling participants, specified in the holding token. * Register Until shuffling registration deadline. If required number of participants do not register by this block height the shuffling is cancelled and all funds are returned without fine. * Participant Count number of registrants required to trigger the shuffling. Between 3 and 30.

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