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Get Blockchain Status

Get the blockchain status.


  • requestType is getBlockchainStatus


  • currentMinRollbackHeight (N) is the current minimum rollback height
  • numberOfBlocks (N) is the number of blocks in the blockchain (height + 1)
  • isTestnet (B) is true if the node is connected to testnet, false otherwise
  • includeExpiredPrunable (B) is the value of the xin.includeExpiredPrunable property
  • requestProcessingTime (N) is the API request processing time (in millisec)
  • version (S) is the application version
  • maxRollback (N) is the value of the xin.maxRollback property
  • lastBlock (S) is the last block ID on the blockchain
  • application (S) is application name, typically NRS
  • isScanning (B) is true if the blockchain is being scanned by the application, false otherwise
  • isDownloading (B) is true if a download is in progress, false otherwise; true when a batch of more than 10 blocks at once has been downloaded from a peer, reset to false when an attempt to download more blocks from a peer does not result in any new blocks
  • cumulativeDifficulty (S) is the cumulative difficulty
  • lastBlockchainFeederHeight (N) is the height of the last blockchain of greatest cumulative difficulty obtained from a peer
  • maxPrunableLifetime (N) is the maximum prunable lifetime (in seconds)
  • time (N) is the current timestamp (in seconds since the genesis block)
  • lastBlockchainFeeder (S) is the address or announced address of the peer providing the last blockchain of greatest cumulative difficulty
  • blockchainState (S) Current state of this node’s blockchain (UP_TO_DATE or DOWNLOADING)