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Issue Currency

Issue a new currency or re-issue an existing currency with different properties. POST only.

Request: Refer to Create Transaction Request for common parameters.

  • requestType is issueCurrency
  • name is the currency name, 3 to 10 characters and longer than the currency code
  • code is the uppercase currency code with the following fee structure: three letters 25000 XIN, four letters 1000 XIN, five letters 40 XIN, re-issue 40 XIN
  • description is the currency description
  • type is the currency type bitmask, from least to most significant bit: exchangeable, controllable, reservable, claimable, mintable, non-shuffleable
  • initialSupply is the initial currency supply (in QNT) (must match maxSupply unless mintable or claimable, must be zero for claimable)
  • reserveSupply is the reserve currency supply (in QNT) (must match maxSupply)
  • maxSupply is the maximum currency supply (in QNT)
  • issuanceHeight is the blockchain height at which a reservable currency is issued if the reserve minimum is met
  • minReservePerUnitTQT is the minimum currency reserve (in TQT per QNT of reserveSupply) for issuance of a reservable currency
  • minDifficulty is the minimum difficulty (minimum 1) for a mintable currency
  • maxDifficulty is the maximum difficulty (maximum 255 and greater than minDifficulty) for a mintable currency
  • ruleset is for future use, always set to zero
  • algorithm is an algorithm code for a mintable currency: 2 for SHA256, 3 for SHA3, 5 for Scrypt, 25 for Keccak25
  • decimals is the number of decimal places used by the currency (optional, default zero)

Notes: Reservable requires exchangeable and/or claimable, as does controllable; but mintable requires exchangeable. Claimable requires reservable, non-mintable and zero initialSupply.

Response: Refer to Create Transaction Response The transaction ID is also the currency ID.