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Get Funding Monitor

Get a funding monitor.


  • requestType is getFundingMonitor
  • secretPhrase is the secret phrase of the funding account, used to get a single monitor. (optional)
  • adminPassword is the admin password, used to get a single monitor or all monitors (optional if secretPhrase is provided)
  • includeMonitoredAccounts is true to include account info of the monitored accounts (optional)
  • property is the name of the account property (optional)
  • holdingType is a string representing the holding type (optional)
  • holding is the holding ID (optional)
  • account is the account ID (optional)


  • monitors (A) is an array of monitor objects including the following fields:
    • holding (S) is the holding ID
    • amount (S) is the amount to fund the monitored accounts with (TQT or QNT)
    • monitoredAccounts (A) is an array of monitored account objects including the following fields (only if includeMonitoredAccounts is true):
      • amount (S) is the amount to fund the monitored accounts with. Overrides amount in parent object.
      • account (S) is the monitored account ID
      • accountRS (S) is the monitored account Reed Solomon address
      • threshold (S) is the threshold. Overrides threshold in parent object.
      • interval (N) is the interval. Overrides interval in parent object.
    • holdingType (N) is the holding type
    • account (S) is the monitoring account ID
    • accountRS (S) is the Reed Solomon address of the monitoring account
    • property (S) is the account property
    • threshold (S) is the threshold
    • interval (N) is the interval
  • requestProcessingTime (N) is the API request processing time (in millisec)