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Generate Token

Generate a token. POST only.


  • requestType is generateToken
  • secretPhrase is the passphrase of the account generating the token
  • website is a web site URL for which authorization should be granted, or general text to be digitally signed

Note: website is typically a URL (with the leading http:// unnecessary) that an account owner signs with his secretPhrase (private key) to bind the account to the URL, but website can be any text that the owner wishes to sign.


  • token (S) is a 160 character string representing the 100-byte token which consists of a 32-byte public key, a 4-byte timestamp, and a 64-byte signature
  • account (S) is the account number corresponding to secretPhrase
  • accountRS (S) is the Reed-Solomon address of the account
  • timestamp (N) is the time (in seconds since the genesis block) that the token was generated
  • valid (B) is true if token is valid, false otherwise
  • requestProcessingTime (N) is the API request processing time (in millisec)

Note: Since token contains the token generator’s public key and signature, the website can be validated as authorized by the owner of the public key using Decode Token