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Get Expected Order Cancellations

Get all expected order cancellations in the order in which they are expected to be executed.


  • requestType is getExpectedOrderCancellations, where expected cancellations are from the unconfirmed transactions pool or are phased transactions scheduled to finish in the next block
  • requireBlock is the block ID of a block that must be present in the blockchain during execution (optional)
  • requireLastBlock is the block ID of a block that must be last in the blockchain during execution (optional)


  • orderCancellations (A) is an array of order cancellation objects with the following fields for each transfer:
    • account (S) is the cancelling account number
    • accountRS (S) is the Reed-Solomon address of the account
    • order (S) is the ID of the order to be cancelled
    • height (N) is the block height of the order cancellation transaction
    • phased (B) is true if the order cancellation transaction is phased
  • lastBlock (S) is the last block ID on the blockchain (applies if requireBlock is provided but not requireLastBlock)
  • requestProcessingTime (N) is the API request processing time (in millisec)