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Publish Exchange Offer

Publish an exchange offer for an exchangeable currency. POST only.

Request: Refer to Create Transaction Request for common parameters.

  • requestType is publishExchangeOffer
  • currency is the currency ID
  • buyRateTQT is the offered buy rate (in TQT per QNT)
  • sellRateTQT is the offered sell rate (in TQT per QNT)
  • totalBuyLimit is the cumulative limit (in QNT) of currency buys
  • totalSellLimit is the cumulative limit (in QNT) of currency sells
  • initialBuySupply is the initial amount (in QNT) of currency offered to buy, cannot exceed totalBuyLimit
  • initialSellSupply is the initial amount (in QNT) of currency offered to sell, cannot exceed totalSellLimit
  • expirationHeight is the blockchain height for expiration of the offer

Notes: Each time currency is bought in response to an exchange request to sell currency (refer to Currency Sell), totalBuyLimit is reduced and the supply of currency offered to sell increases by the amount bought. When totalBuyLimit becomes zero, the buy offer is withdrawn. These same notes apply if buy and sell are interchanged. Only the most recent offer associated with an account is valid, even if an earlier offer by that account has not yet expired or reached its limits.

Response: Refer to Create Transaction Response. The transaction ID is also the offer ID.