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Tokens (XIN) are most relevant to the user. A transfer transaction type is used to transfer tokens from one account to another. A small encrypted message can be attached to each transaction for an additional fee. The fee for a simple transfer is 1 token. Token transfers are simple and fast and cost effective and mostly settled within just 60 seconds. Anonymous transfers are possible using the built-in coin shuffling function.

Send Xin Access your Xin client (go to http://localhost:20000/ or

Open your account by entering your secret passphrase in the text field, and then click on the > symbol.

Click on the “Send Xin” on the left navigation bar under account section in the client window then select simple Tab to open Send XIN page. send xin

  • Recipient : enter the Xin account of the receiver.
  • Amount: enter the amount of XIN you would like to send. If you are going to send a fractional amount (a number with decimals) remember to use a point ( . ) instead of a comma ( , ) before the decimal part of the amount.
  • Add Private Message :
  • Add Recipient Public Key : in order to send a transaction, you need to enter your account’s Public Key.
  • Click the > symbol to send Token.