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Start Shuffler

Starts a automated Shuffler. Once started, the Shuffler monitors the blockchain state for transactions relevant to the specified shuffle, and automatically submits the required transactions on behalf of the user, performing shuffle processing, verification, or cancellation as needed.


  • requestType is startShuffler
  • secretPhrase is the secret phrase of the account entering the shuffling
  • shufflingFullHash the full hash of the shuffling
  • recipientSecretPhrase the secret phrase of the recipient account (optional if recipientPublicKey is present)
  • recipientPublicKey the public key of the recipient account (optional if recipientSecretPhrase is present)


  • shuffling (S) is the shuffling ID
  • shufflingFullHash (S) is the full hash of the shuffling
  • account (S) is the account ID
  • accountRS (S) is the account Reed Solomong address
  • recipient (S) is the account ID of the recipient account
  • recipientRS (S) is the account Reed Solomon address of the recipient account
  • requestProcessingTime (N) is the API request processing time (in millisec)