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Currency Reserve Increase

Increase the currency reserve of an unissued reservable currency. POST only.

Request: Refer to Create Transaction Request for common parameters.

  • requestType is currencyReserveIncrease
  • currency is the currency ID
  • amountPerUnitTQT is the additional amount (in TQT per QNT of reserveSupply) to reserve (refer to Issue Currency )

Note: An additional amountPerUnitTQT * reserveSupply TQT (beyond what has previously been reserved) will be locked until the issuanceHeight is reached. Upon issuance, if the currency is claimable the TQT will remain locked until claimed; otherwise the TQT will transfer to the issuing account. Also upon issuance, a portion of the reserveSupply QNT will be transfered to each reserving account in proportion to the TQT that was contributed.

Response: Refer to Create Transaction Response.