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Get Stack Traces

Get the stack traces of the currently running threads in reverse id order.


  • requestType is getStackTraces
  • depth is the maximum trace depth to retrieve (optional)


  • requestProcessingTime (N) is the API request processing time (in millisec)
  • locks (A) is an array of lock objects
  • threads (A) is an array of thread objects with the following fields:
    • trace (A) is an array of traces (S)
    • name (S) is the thread name
    • id (N) is the thread ID
    • state (S) is the thread state, one of WAITING, TIMED_WAITING and RUNNABLE
    • locks (A) is an array of lock objects with the following fields, if not empty:
      • trace (S)
      • depth (N)
      • name (S)
      • hash (N)