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Subscription: Managing and scaling Subscriptions were complex. Until now. XIN offers decentralized recurring payments that users can initiate and cancel at any time. Subscriptions can be timed from daily to yearly.

The APIs for subscriptions are: * sendMoneySubscription * subscriptionCancel * getSubscription * getAccountSubscriptions * getSubscriptionsToAccount Shuffling: Coin shuffling can be used to perform mixing of XIN, MS currencies (unless created as non-shuffleable), or AE assets. Any account can create a new shuffling, specifying the holding to be shuffled, the shuffle amount, number of participants required, and registration deadline. This is done using the shufflingCreate API. The Shuffler is required to keep the user secret phrase in memory, therefore it should be run on a trusted local machine only. This feature is based on the paper by Tim Ruffing. Since shuffling takes the secret phrase, this feature is restricted to localhost in main net.

The APIs for shuffling are: * getAccountShufflings * getAllShufflingsget * AssignedShufflings * getHoldingShufflings * shufflingCreate * shufflingRegister * shufflingProcess * shufflingVerify * startShuffler * shufflingCancel * stopShuffler * getShufflers * getShuffling * getShufflingParticipants

Escrow: An escrow service allows safer payment by securely holding a buyer’s coins in escrow until the terms of the sale are met and as a result the buyer releases payment to the seller.

The APIs for escrow are: * sendMoneyEscrow * escrowSign * getEscrowTransaction * getAccountEscrowTransaction

Automated Transactions (AT): An Automated Transaction is a “Turing complete” set of byte code instructions which will be executed by a byte code interpreter. Code in an AT will be run by an AT byte code interpreter (a virtual CPU) which will use a fixed amount of memory per program. Automated Transactions (AT) is a technology created by CIYAM Developers and this version is a port from C++.

The APIs for automated transactions (AT) are: * createATProgram * getAT * getATDetails * getATLong * getATIds * getAccountATs * getAllATs

Crowdfunding: Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people. Crowdfunding is a form of crowdsourcing and of alternative finance. Crowdfunding is based on currencies and adds additional API calls to handle this special currency type more efficient. The API for crowdfunding is: * getAllCrowdfundings

Locked: This will enable to lock a certain account using the account public keys. The lock will be active only after certain height for the account. The motivation to add this feature is to discourage hackers to even try to hack IEP since funds gained by hacks can be fast and easily blocked (freezed) by the IEP community with majority descison. This ‘just in case’ feature also protects (at some level) exchanges from hacks because of fast response times thru the IEP community.

Funding monitor: The Funding Monitor feature provides monitoring account balances, and their automated replenishment from a funding account, based on account properties set by the funding account to the monitored accounts. token, asset, or currency balances can be monitored. If a balance falls below the configured threshold, a transaction will be submitted to transfer units from the funding account to the monitored account. A transfer will remain pending if the number of blocks since the previous transfer transaction is less than the interval configured for the monitor. Since funding monitor takes the secret phrase for funding, this feature is restricted to localhost in main net.

The APIs for the Funding Monitor feature are: * StartFundingMonitor * GetFundingMonitor * StopFundingMonitor

Ledger view: The account ledger feature provides a record of all recent changes to the account balances and the event that caused each change. It is disabled by default for all account, but can be set to track certain accounts only or be enabled for all accounts (*), using the xin.ledgerAccounts property. By default records are kept for the last 30,000 blocks, this can be changed using the xin.ledgerTrimKeep property. The xin.ledgerLogUnconfirmed property controls whether confirmed, unconfirmed, or both types of changes are tracked.

The APIs for ledger view are: * getAccountLedger * getAccountLedgerEntry

Asset deletes with all validations: Delete assets if no share transactions where made. This feature is available only in testnet and needs more testing. The APIs for asset deletes are: * getAssetDeletes * deleteAsset * deleteAssetShares

Admin password check: Prevents starting the node if admin password isn’t set properly. Since various debug features are protected by admin password the proper setting is mandatory now.

Subscription and escrow bug: While making escrow and subscription transactions the fee to the forger is not added to the forger balance. This was observed in testnet and is adjusted accordingly.

Checksum blocks: Added checksum blocks at height 500000 and 600000.

Upgraded jetty to current stable: Upgraded to jetty 9.4.6.v20170531 from 9.3.9.v20160517.

Trim limits to support huge div payments: A trim after divi payment is causing the core to freeze for certain time until the trim is done. So now we have added the batchcommit size to commit the trim after xin.batchCommitSize records are processed. This will make the node responsive and will only block the write operations on node.

Controlling forgers on node: Now only the allowed forgers can forge on particular node. This property can be configured using the variable xin.allowedToForge. allowed values empty, * and semicolon separated list of account ids.

Connection pool bug and getAllAts API: Fix for exhausting db connection pool and getAllAts adjustments.

Ledger entries for new transaction types (subscription, at and escrow): Now account ledger will support new type of transactions, subscription, escrow and automated transactions.

Support for shifting between different nets: Enabling to switch between multiple nets easily. Right now supported nets are mainnet, devnet and testnet.

Refactoring genesis class: This was refactored to use the new thus enabling to switch between multiple nets easily. Right now supported nets are mainnet, devnet and testnet.

Added getAccountBalances api: This will retrieve the top balances and the distritbuion of balances in real time.

Added getActivationHeights API: This will give the activation heights of various features used by the wallet to ‘auto-activate’ features on given block heights.

The APIs to get the current activation heights is: * getActivationHeights

Adjusted escrow signing to support phasing accounts: Earlier for signing an escrow user has to make a tx with fee 1 XIN. But to support phased transactions it was adjusted to make a tx with min fee of 1 XIN.

Enabling prunable encrypted messages: Prunable encrypted messages were enabled in wallet and therefore activated in core. The maximum size for each such attachment is 42 kb, but when coexisting in the same transaction the sum of the two is still being limited by the maximum payload size of 44880 bytes.

The APIs for prunable encrypted messages are: * verifyPrunableMessage * getAllPrunableMessages * getPrunableMessage * getPrunableMessages * downloadPrunableMessage

Increased divi payment fee: Divi payment fee has been increased from 1 XIN to 10 XIN for each dividend payment. Added new call to convert unsignedJSON to bytes.

The API for this conversion is: * unsignedJSONtoBytes

Blocked plain and plain prunable messages: Now API won’t accept plain messages. Also validation will fail for this transaction type. We have an option to enable this later if needed.

Fixed AT zero account bug: AT has stopped the core from generating blocks as user has created an AT with recipient address 0. So now ATs will be marked as stopped if anything goes wrong with it and chain will continue to forge/sync.

Devtools and Devshell: Utility tools for creating checksums and other admin tasks.

Configuration and properties: New property settings, allowedToForge restrict to specific, none or all accounts. env defines the net on which the core is running, lockedAccounts takes a public key to prevent an account from transact and batchCommitSize defines the chunks for trim.

  • xin.env
  • xin.batchCommitSize
  • xin.lockedAccounts
  • xin.allowedToForge

Compiling core: Added on root to compile the core from sources without the need for complex build systems. Needs javac to run.

Blockheights feature release * Block 655.230 ~ 07 April / Crowdfunding, Single Dividend, Locked Block, Dividend Fee * Block 665.400 ~ 14 April / Shuffling * Block 675.480 ~ 21 April / Subsscription * Block 685.560 ~ 28 April / Escrow * Block 695.640 ~ 05 May / AT


Checksum at block 100000, block 200000, block 300000 and block 400000 added. Minor cleanup and improvements for the forthcoming mandatory 0.2.1 update. It is a recommended update for all nodes.