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Stop Funding Monitor

Stop a funding monitor. When the secret phrase is specified, a single monitor will be stopped. The monitor is identified by the secret phrase, holding and account property. The administrator password is not required and will be ignored.

When the administrator password is specified, a single monitor can be stopped by specifying the funding account, holding and account property. If no account is specified, all monitors will be stopped.

The holding type and account property name must be specified when the secret phrase or account is specified. Holding type codes are listed in getConstants. In addition, the holding identifier must be specified when the holding type is ASSET or CURRENCY. POST only.


  • requestType is stopFundingMonitor
  • secretPhrase is the secret phrase of the funding account, used to stop a single monitor. (optional)
  • adminPassword is the admin password, used to stop a single monitor or all monitors (optional if secretPhrase is provided)
  • property is the name of the account property (optional)
  • holdingType is a string representing the holding type (optional)
  • holding is the holding ID (optional)
  • account is the account ID (optional)


  • stopped (N) is the number of the monitors that have been stopped
  • requestProcessingTime (N) is the API request processing time (in millisec)