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Sign Transaction

Calculates the full hash, signature hash, and transaction ID of an unsigned transaction.


  • requestType is signTransaction
  • unsignedTransactionJSON is the transactionJSON field of the transaction, without a signature subfield
  • unsignedTransactionBytes is the unsignedTransactionBytes field of the transaction (optional, if unsignedTransactionJSON provided)
  • prunableAttachmentJSON is a prunable attachment JSON object, if applicable, because unsignedTransactionBytes never includes prunable data (optional if the transaction has already been broadcast and the prunable message can still be retrieved from the database)
  • secretPhrase is the secret passphrase of the signing account
  • validate is false to skip validation of the transaction bytes being signed (useful on nodes where the full blockchain is not downloaded)
  • requireBlock is the block ID of a block that must be present in the blockchain during execution (optional)
  • requireLastBlock is the block ID of a block that must be last in the blockchain during execution (optional)


  • signatureHash (S) is a SHA-256 hash of the transaction signature, used in escrow transactions
  • verify (B) is true the signature is verified, false if not
  • transactionJSON (O) is the signed transaction JSON object
  • transactionBytes (S) are the signed transaction bytes
  • fullHash (S) is the full hash of the signed transaction
  • prunableAttachmentJSON (O) is the prunable attachment JSON object, if applicable, because transactionBytes never includes prunable data
  • transaction (S) is the transaction ID, derived from the fullHash
  • lastBlock (S) is the last block ID on the blockchain (applies if requireBlock is provided but not requireLastBlock)
  • requestProcessingTime (N) is the API request processing time (in millisec)