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Buy / Sell Alias

Buy or sell an alias. POST only.

Request: Refer to Create Transaction Request for common parameters.

  • requestType is either buyAlias or sellAlias
  • alias is the ID of the alias (optional)
  • aliasName is the alias name (optional if alias provided)
  • priceTQT is the asking price (in TQT) of the alias (sellAlias only)
  • amountTQT is the amount (in TQT) offered for an alias for sale (buyAlias only)
  • recipient is the account ID of the recipient (only required for sellAlias and only if there is a designated recipient)
  • recipientPublicKey is the public key of the recipient account (only applicable if recipient provided; optional, enhances security of a new account)

Note: An alias can be transferred rather than sold by setting priceTQT to zero. A pending sale can be canceled by selling again to self for a price of zero.

Response: Refer to Create Transaction Response.