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Get Shuffling

Retrieves info about a shuffling.


  • requestType is getShuffling
  • shuffling is the shuffling ID
  • includeHoldingInfo is true to include holding info (optional)
  • requireBlock is the block ID of a block that must be present in the blockchain during execution (optional)
  • requireLastBlock is the block ID of a block that must be last in the blockchain during execution (optional)


  • blocksRemaining (N) number of blocks remaining until current stage is finished.
  • amount (S) the amount of holdingType to be shuffled
  • shufflingStateHash (S) state hash of the shuffling
  • shufflingFullHash (S) the full hash of the shuffling
  • issuer (S) is the issuer account ID
  • issuerRS (S) is the Reed-Solomon address of the issuer account
  • assignee (S) is the current assignee account ID
  • assigneeRS (S) is the Reed-Solomon address of the current assignee account
  • shuffling (S) is the shuffling ID
  • holding (S) is the asset or currency ID
  • holdingType (N) is the holding type
  • stage (N) is the current stage of the shuffling
  • participantCount (N) is the number of participants required to start the shuffling
  • registrantCount (N) is the number of registrered participants
  • recipientPublicKeys (A) is an array of recipient public keys
  • holdingInfo (A) is an array containing the asset or currency info (if includeHoldingInfo is true and holdingType is not XIN)
  • requestProcessingTime (N) is the API request processing time (in millisec)