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The Xin node API

The XIN node API allows interaction with XIN nodes using HTTP or HTTPS requests to the mainnet port 23457 or to the tesnet port 9876. Most HTTP requests can use either the GET or POST methods, but some API calls accept only the POST method for security reasons.

This is an API designed for developers who are using XIN to build new services, features and integrations. You can download these API docs (swagger) in the download section and run it locally with your node on the mainnet. It is recommended to use the testnet for development. Just contact the forum and ask for test tokens to play with. You can use your browser to test simple GET calls or CURL for more advanced calls.

All API calls can be viewed and tested at http://localhost:23457/api while the local server node is running. For specific API calls, use http://localhost:23457/api?requestType=specificRequestType.