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Start / Stop / Get Forging

Start or stop forging with an account, or check to see if an account is forging. POST only.


  • requestType is either startForging, stopForging or getForging
  • secretPhrase is the secret passphrase of the account (optional for stopForging and getForging if password protected like the Debug Operations )


  • deadline (N) is the estimated time (in seconds since the last block) until the account will forge a block (startForging and getForging only)
  • hitTime (N) is the estimated time (in seconds since the genesis block) when the account will forge a block (startForging and getForging only)
  • remaining (N) is the deadline less the elapsed time since the last block (getForging only)
  • foundAndStopped (B) is true if forging was stopped, false if forging was already stopped (stopForging only)
  • account (S) is the account number (getForging only)
  • accountRS (S) is the Reed-Solomon address of the account (getForging only)
  • requestProcessingTime (N) is the API request processing time (in millisec)

Note: A getForging request returns errorCode 5 if the account is not forging. If the account has a zero effectiveBalance, forging can be started but deadline and hitTime will be set to zero.